Gauntlets & Sleeves

Please see below our range of gauntlet gloves and sleeves. Gauntlet gloves are a single piece glove manufactured from a single material. Our gauntlets are 0.4mm (0.16″) thick which provides the best overall dexterity when using a glovebox for typical laboratory applications. Unfortunately, gauntlet gloves are not readily available in hand sizes less than size 9. For this reason users may add a smaller, more comfortable glove on the end of the gauntlet sleeve. This can be achieved by adding a cuff assembly that will join the sleeve section of the gauntlet to the smaller, thinner, more comfortable glove. Usually a full gauntlet glove is the best option if the hand size suits, this glove option is better for cleaning and durability because its in one piece. A sleeve assembly will provide the user with a smaller more comfortable glove when carrying out delicate manipulation tasks in a glovebox. The hand glove however will have to be changed more often as it wont be as durable.

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