Hand Gloves

For better dexterity and comfort when carrying out sensitive tasks, a separate hand glove which is suited to the user can be a good option. There are many standard gloves available that can be fitted to our sleeve assembly. Please see below the 2 options that we can offer. Both options offer good chemical resistance for small scale chemical handling in laboratory applications The Green Nitrile gloves are handed, meaning that they come as a pair left and right. These gloves are flock-lined and easy to move in and out off. This is a good option if the user uses the same glove positions all the time. If the user has to place their opposite hand into the glove, then this makes handling more difficult. The Red Neo-Nitrile gloves are ambidextrous and so it doesn’t matter if the user wants to swap hands, these gloves are thicker than standard lab gloves but still offer very good tactility and dexterity.

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