Nitrile Glove Assembly

The Nitrile glove assembly combine Nitrile replacement hand gloves with your chosen type of sleeve. The assembly comes with a connector cuff and four O-Rings.

Sleeves available are Butadyl. Hypalon (CSM), Nitrile, Butyl, Neoprene or EDPM and all of them come in two different port sizes, 8″ – 203mm and 10″-254mm.

You can also choose whether you would like your parts pre-assembled ready to use or whether you would like to do this yourself.

Glove assemblies are supplied with two pairs of replacement Nitrile hand gloves as standard. However, you can also buy multiple Nitrile™ replacement gloves here.

For further information on the properties of NeoNitrile™ and the sleeves available, please read the detailed information on the tabs below or on the technical datasheet.


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The Nitrile Gauntlet supplied as part of this laboratory glove assembly is lightweight and provides  good protection against a wide range of solvents and chemicals. The laboratory glove has been given a roughened finish to palm and fingertips for improved grip.

This nitrile glove offers good dexterity and comfort.

Colour: Green
Hand Sizes Available: 7 – 8 – 9 – 10
Thickness: 0.4mm – 0.015”
Length: 320mm – 13”
Recommended in-use lifespan: <3 Months (Light Duty)
Recommended Temperature Range: 30°C to + 110°C (-22F to 230F)


• Manufactured from Nitrile.
• Good chemical resistance.
• Flock lined for user comfort.
• Textured fingertips.
• Supplied as handed only, not ambidextrous.

  • Complies with European Directive PPE Category 3
  • Protection against mechanical risks. EN388:2003
  • Protection against chemicals. EN ISO 374-1
  • Protection against micro-organisms. EN ISO 374-5:2016

Certifications and standards for butadyl gloves

  • Store in dry conditions.
  • Temperature between +5°C to +25°C (41°F to 77°F)
  • Avoid direct sunlight or ozone sources.
  • Maximum Shelf life of 1 years

Non Recyclable. Classified as non-toxic waste providing they have not been contaminated during use.

Does not contain any substances at levels that are known to, or suspected to, adversely affect user hygiene or health.

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