EN 511 Cold Resistance

Glove performance withstanding both convective and contact cold plus protection against water permation.

The standard EN 511 for cold resistance specifies the requirements for a glove to protect hands against convective and contact cold down to -50°C.

The digits underneath the ‘Cold resistance’ pictogram show the performance levels of the glove on each of these qualities:

  • (A) Resistance to convective cold (Performance level 0-4): Based on insulation qualities of the glove material, measured by the transfer of cold via convection.
  • (B) Resistance to contact cold (Performance level 0-4): Based on termal resistance of the glove material when coming in contact with a cold object.
  • (C) Penetration to water, where 0 is water penetration and 1 the opposite.
EN 511-Pictogram

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