EN 407 Heat Resistance

Glove performance against thermal heat and/or fire

The standard EN 407 for heat resistance specifies the requirements for a glove to protect hands against heat and/or fire.

The digits underneath the ‘Heat resistance’ pictogram show the performance levels of the glove on each of the following qualities. Performance levels are on a scale from 0 to 4 on all tests.

  • (A) Flamability Resistance: Based on the duration of continual burn or glow following ignition. Seams should remain in position following a 15 second exposure.
  • (B) Contact Heat Resistance: Based on temperature range (100-500°C) at which user will experience no pain for at least 15 seconds. If level 3 is obtained, the product shall also obtain a level 3 in flammability test for a level 3 to be recorded. Otherwise, this shall display ‘2’.
  • (C) Convective Heat Resistance: Based on how long the glove can delay the transfer of heat from a flame. 
  • (D) Radiant heat resistance: Based on how long the glove can delay the transfer of heat from a radiant heat source. 
  • (E) Resistance to small splashes of molten metal: Based on the number of molten metal splashes needed to heat the glove. Only required if level 3-4 has been obtained during flamability test. 
  • (F) Resistance to large quantities of molten metal: Based on the weight of molten metal required too caused damage to a PVC film placed underneath the glove material.

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