CE Marking for protective Gloves

CE categoration as an indication of conformity with the the PPE EU requirements

The CE conformity marking is required by law for all protective clothing in the European Union. 

According to the EN legislation, There are three risk categories that determine the CE marking for protective gloves 

  • Category 1: Minimal
  • Category 2: Intermediate
  • Category 3: Irreversible or mortal. 


CE-No marking

Category 1

Gloves offer protection for low level risks and there is no independent certification or testing required. No marking is displayed.

Category 2

Gloves offer protection against intermediate risk. For example, gloves requiring cut, puncture and abrasion resistance. They must be independently tested and issued with a 'CE' Mark.

Category 3

Gloves offer protection against high risks. These are risks which may result in death or irreversible damage to health. Production quality and uniformity must be certified. Gloves are tested at an accredited test instituted which reference is displayed next to the CE. Chemical protection gloves belong to this category.

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