Glove Sizing System according to EN420

Glove sizing for PPE protective industrial and reusable gloves is defined by the EU standard EN 420 where glove sizes are defined according to palm circumference and hand length as well as minimum glove length.

Choosing the right size of laboratory gauntlets or replacement gloves is key as it affects the dexterity and comfort of the working hand.

You can download and print to scale the following glove size chart and place your hand over it to help you find your right size of gloves. Alternatively, please follow the instructions below, take your hand measures and follow the guidance on the table provided.

circumference of a Hand with a laboratory Glove being measured with a tape around the knuckes

To find out your glove hand size, you will need your hand circumference and your hand length.

Purple hand with measurement around its knuckles

Hand Circumference

Lay your hand flat with fingers together and wrap the measuring tape around the knuckles, leaving your thumb out.

hand length measurement diagram

Hand Length

Open up your hand and keep your fingers upright. Measure from the tip of the middle finger to the base of the hand.